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What is a cat café?

Cat cafes are a rapidly growing trend across the globe and offer visitors the chance to interact with cats in a relaxing café-style setting. Throughout Asia (where cat cafes originated) and Europe, cat cafes typically house resident cats, however in North America the trend steers more towards acting as a satellite adoption facility. We believe that this provides the cats with a more relaxing living environment while they are waiting to be re-homed and allows potential adopters to interact with cats in a more natural setting where their personalities can shine. All cats at Mad Catter Café are up for adoption and provided through St. John’s Humane Service’s Animal Care and Adoption Centre.


Can I bring my cat?

As much as we would love to meet them, for the safety of our cats and yours we do not permit visitors to bring their cats into the café with them. Feel free to show us pictures, though!


Why is there a fee to enter the lounge?

Unlike a typical café which offers a more extensive menu, our primary goal is to provide a relaxing living environment. A small entry fee is used in order to cover overhead costs and help ensure we are able to continue finding homes for deserving cats as long as possible.


Do I have to be interested in adopting to visit?

No – we welcome all visitors! Whether you are looking to adopt or simply want to hang out with some furry friends, you are welcome to enter the lounge for any reason.


How can you serve food with live animals on site?

We have worked very closely with local health authorities to design a plan that minimizes any risk of cross contamination between the cats and the food service area. The result is a space comprised of two distinctly separate areas separated by the hallway, which you access upon entry. This ensures that no cats enter or pass through the food service area at any time. Coffee Bar staff are also not permitted to enter the cat lounge during their shift. Instead, volunteers will be on hand to oversee the lounge and ensure the cats have a clean, safe, and comfortable living environment. 


Can I surrender my cat to Mad Catter Café?

No – all cats arrive from Humane Services fully treated and check for any possible health concerns. As the introduction of an outside cat would put this in jeopardy, we do not accept surrenders through the café. We would recommend contacting Humane Services directly at (709) 576-6216.

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