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New Vendor Form

Information for vendor participant in Mad Catter online store

Are you registered and required to collect HST?

The Agreement

Thanks for the info! We'll be in contact soon!

The idea: 
We sell your items through our website and the cafe will act as a pick up location. 

What we’ll do:
We will promote the items through our followings on social media and onsite at the cafe. 
We will handle the online ordering process. 

What we would need from you:
A selection of cat themed items with a reasonable production time. 
You would store the items at your location, except a sample of the item which we will display in the cafe. 

The end price of the produce at any/all other selling locations cannot be less than the price on our website. 

How it would work:
A customer sees your product on one of our social media posts or in store and they go to our website to place an order. We take payment over the website and notify you that an order has been placed. Once the product is ready, you drop it off at the cafe and the customer is notified to come retrieve their order. 

The sale price for the item is sent to you minus the agreed upon percentage that the cafe retains. (Generally: 80% for the artist and 20% for the cafe)

If you are registered to collect HST, Mad Catter Cafe Inc. will send you the sale amount plus 80% of the HST collected to remit to CRA. Mad Catter Cafe will retain 20% of the HST to remit to CRA for the cafe's portion of the revenue collected. 

If you are not required to remit HST and do not have a HST number, Mad Catter Cafe Inc. will retain 100% of the HST collected to remit to CRA. In this scenario, the items will essentially be sold to Mad Catter Cafe Inc. to resell to the final customer. 

Payout frequency: 
Pay out to the vendor will be done on a monthly bases. A balance of $20 commission will have to be reached before payout.

Removal/addition of an item:
If the vendor would like to remove an item from the online store, they can contact Mad Catter Cafe to notify and the item will be removed. 

Mad Catter Cafe Inc. reserves the right to remove items at any point if they are deemed unsuitable or if the customer experience is being impacted. 

To add a product - The vendor must present the product to Mad Catter Cafe via email and if approved, a price will be agreed upon and an additional item form will be required.

Termination of agreement:
If either party wishes to terminate the relationship, the other party must be notified in writing. As soon as written notice is received, Mad Catter Cafe will remove the vendor's items from the online store. Any outstanding orders must be completed before a final payout for outstanding balances will take place. 
AA vendor relationship may be suspended or terminated if the terms of this agreement are not met or if customer experience is negatively impacted. 

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