During COVID-19

Touton Lane

Touton Lane is operating take-out service for stuffed toutons.


Touton Lane is in the same family as Mad Catter Cafe and by supporting Touton Lane you will be supporting Mad Catter's our efforts to ensure we can weather this pandemic and re-open when it is all over to find homes for as many cats as we can.

What We Offer

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic our cat lounge is currently closed until further notice. 

There are ways you can still support Mad Catter and avail of products/services we offer. 

Goodie Bags

We are offering Goodie Bags consisting of your favorite baked goods, Mad Catter Cafe merchandise, and other good stuff. 

Order the bag by Wednesday and we'll deliver to your door on Saturday (within St. John's Metro).

Place your order at info@madcattercafe.com. Payment will be accepted in the form of an e-stranfer. (Don't forget to include the password for the etransfer and your contact information & address)

Check our Facebook or Instagram for current Goodie Bags.